Most people should be all set with UConn Wireless Secure; however, for those still experiencing problems perform the following change in your UConn Secure settings.

Go to the wireless web site and click on Get Connected and then the appropriate operating system (OS). Next, follow these instructions:

  1. On the Protected EAP Properties box, uncheck Validate server certificate.
  2. Click OK
  3. Disconnect from UConn Secure wireless and reconnect.
  4. Repeat the step above to ensure the Validate server certificate box is still unchecked.

The connection should now work.

If you still cannot connect, follow the above instructions plus perform the following.

  1. Check Connect to these servers:
  2. Keep
  3. Delete
  4. Click OK

Workaround for laptop connection to UConn-Secure

The connection should now work.

If however you continue to experience difficulties please report the issue to and copy Students can contact HuskyTech for assistance.

Source: UITS News