it’s bound to happen. You forget your Netid and password. UITS has put a system of Secret Questions and Answers in place so that users can change their passwords if they ever lose or forget them. Visit the UConn NetID website.

Once you have set your password, please visit the link labeled “Secret Questions” to create your Secret Questions and Answers which will aid you in changing a forgotten password in the future.

If you have previously created your Secret Questions and Answers, visit and click on “Reset your forgotten password”. You will be asked for your NetID and 8-digit date of birth. Once your identity is confirmed, you will be prompted with each of the questions you previously selected as your Secret Questions. If you supply correct answers to each question, you will be allowed to choose a new password.

If you have not yet created your Secret Questions and Answers, you will need to contact the Help Center (, or 860-486-4357, option #3) to reset your password.