Dear Faculty and Students,

You will notice periodically, as you login to the library databases a very brief Web Survey pops up prior to your database access selection. For the next six months, the web survey will run twice each month.

“This survey is being conducted during a two-hour time period by the University of Connecticut to assess the usage of the Library’s electronic services. All responses are anonymous. The data is critical for obtaining continued funding. After completing the survey, you will be connected to the service you selected.”

Web Survey Schedule:

In-House & Web–
Tuesday, February 1st [10am-Noon]
Thursday, March 10th [2pm-4pm]
Friday, April 29th, [2pm-4pm]
Friday, May 13th [Noon-2pm]
Saturday, June 25th [2pm-4pm]

Web Only–Tuesday, February 15th [2-4pm]
Tuesday, February 15th, [2pm-4pm]
Sunday, March 6th [Noon-2pm]
Tuesday, April 12th [10am-Noon]
Thursday, May 5th [8pm-10pm]
Wednesday, June 29th [4pm-6pm]